This is a list of some of the questions that we most often are asked. For any other questions, please write to

1. What qualifications are teachers required to possess?
Typically, we recruit teachers who have a valid teaching certificate and at least two years of teaching experience. Beyond that, we are looking for teachers who are highly motivated, are interested in expanding their own learning as well as that of their students, and are willing to take on important responsibilities outside of the classroom.

2. When do new teachers begin and end work?
With new teachers arriving to the school are to be considered, to be in their probation period for a period of three months. Based on their performance during these days the management has the right to make the right choice!!The decision of the management will be final.
Holidays are subject to change by the Ministry Of Education.
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS [ at the call of interview ]
    1. Latest updated CV
    2. Attested original certificate of your highest qualification
    3. 3 passport size photos
    4. NOC from your sponsor

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